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International Puppet Sites

UNion Internationale de la MArionnette International  Contact Adress List „the Puppetry homepage“ , a treasure of well-designed general info ! Puppets Basics 
Puppets and Therapy
... about ?     links bibliography    projects   described 
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... what is  „therapy with puppets“  about ?  
    * Facilitating expression . Giving a language to those who , for whatever reason ,  have too little . 

    * Robbers and other energy suckers cannot stand the light . Put them onto the stage . Have a good view of them from a personal distance . Perspective .  

    * Getting a 3D vision of what's inside of me , inoffensive style. Giving shape(s) to complex feelings , values , voices , situations I lived through but am not through with . 

    * Finding one's own solutions by playing different roles . Gaining in clarity and well-being 

    * 'Teach-a-Body' - carrying basic info about body and gender (>education). 

    * Therapeutic work with puppets is generally seen as „art“ therapy . This means it is a tool for specific therapeutic concepts , like psychodrama or Gestalt . These concepts have their own picture of the human being , their own theory of personality and „norm“ality .  


    Links :

    BRAND NEW! Swedish site:

    Creative Arts Therapy, cyberjournal
    Playful Puppets for health professionals  (.commercial)
    Nursing & Puppets
    Children's Resource Centre (.commercial)
    Mental Health & Puppets

    Associations :
    * France : Association Marionnettes et Thérapie, Mme. Madeleine Lyons ,28, rue Godefroy Cavaignac , 75011 - Paris
    they have a trimestrial bulletin , with international authors , in french ; they also provide training , workshops , conferences, specialized publications and they organize international meetings !
    * Germany : German Association for Therapeutic Puppetry , "Deutsche Gesellschaft f. therapeutisches Puppenspiel", Leiergasse 17, 
    D - 75031 - Eppingen 
    * Slovenia : Slovenian Association for Promoting Puppetry in Education and Therapy (adress yet to be forwarded )

    Oncoming Events / Meetings 

    therapeutic Marionette MiniCourse in London 24-26 November. More details on  

    "The Marionette Mini-Course will look especially at the Marionette as a therapeutic tool. Students will be able to operate marionettes and play with them exploring the kinaesthetic links between human and puppet action."
    (info sent to us by Åsa Viklund from Sweden) ...


    *New Publication :

    Puppets and the ages of human life , " la marionnette et les ages de la vie ", reports on VIII international colloquium 'Puppets & Therapy' held in september '97 in Charleville , France .

    180FF , 145 pages , can be ordered at 
    Marionnettes et Thérapie , 28, rue Godefroy Cavaignac , F - 75011 - Paris
Bibliography :
* About Scientists Using Puppets for Health Purposes * Man and Puppet   * History of Therapy with Puppets    * german bibliography  * and other basic info , in: 'DasAndereTheater' , german puppeteers news bulletin 8/92 p.7-8-9 ; adress : Greifswalder Str. 81-84, 10405- Berlin , Germany 
(the chapter sketching 'what therapy with puppets is about' , is mainly based upon information  from the above articles , without being exact quotations ) 
New publication : 'DaT' 30/1998 , report on workshop in child and youth psychotherapeutic clinic in  Bochum , Germany ,"das lebendige Bilderbuch"

* French bibliography on „Marionnettes & Thérapie“ in : „Bibliographie internationale de la marionnette“. Ouvrages en  >en français , FRENCH VERSION 1945-1996 par Geneviève Leleu-Rouvray, Gladys Langevin et Bernard Grelle , 775 pages, 14x21 cm, ISBN 2-9505282-4-4 ; 150FF - comporte 2076 notices : ouvrages, thèses, catalogues d’exposition, numéros spéciaux, suppléments ou tirés à part de périodiques, programmes ou comptes-rendus de congrès ou de festivals et 426 dossiers documentaires.

„Bibliographie internationale de la marionnette. Works in English 1945-1990 „ . I I M , Ed. SAUR G. Leleu Rouvray, Gl. Langevin - Marionnettes et Thérapie. ISBN 3-598-22651-9, 1993, XXXII, 281 pages, 17,5x24,5, 17 ill. N/B, 520 FF . A listing of 1056 works dedicated to puppets , on many and various subjects . Precise comments in French and English , indications as to where you find the books . Bilingual index (author, titles, subjects) facilitates access. A reference handbook for puppeteers , theatre and cinema professionnals and historians , librarians, documentalists, ethnologues, therapists,...
Other Figurative Little Helpers 
( DON'T look , naughty you ! ;-)
on Online Psy & Roleplay
on  Voice Dialogue  
- Our Numerous Selves...
on Psychodrama
and on psychodrama related  Playback Theatre
 Some Therapists , Scientists  and Authors 

who acknowledgedly have used or written about using puppets in therapeutic or educational work : 

* Virginia Axline * Bender & Woltmann * Jean-Paul Gonseth * Violett Oaklander * Hilarion Petzold * Madeleine Rambert  
* Donald  Winnicott * Hans Zulliger  
 and others