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UNion Internationale de la MArionnette International  Contact Adress List „the Puppetry homepage“ , a treasure of well-designed general info ! Puppets Basics 
Luxembourg's Puppets :

"Sonnentheater" (Sunshine-theatre) since 1993. By Sonja Weber, Rebecca Reiter and Arjen Rekker. Write, phone or email: Sonnentheater 18 rue du Genet, L-9687 Surré, 00 352 993477, "De Sonnentheater" offers a modern spectacle with string puppets and hand puppets, shadow play and real play, light and video technics. "De Sonnentheater" plays for children between 4 and 10 years in Luxemburgish, German, French and Dutch. Current play (winter, spring 2002) KUMBA YA AFRIKA........ 1 hour full colour and rhythmic
Other puppeteers in Luxembourg ? > let me know .
Puppets and Therapy
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... what is  „therapy with puppets“  about ?  
    * Facilitating expression . Giving a language to those who , for whatever reason ,  have too little . 

    * Robbers and other energy suckers cannot stand the light . Put them onto the stage . Have a good view of them from a personal distance . Perspective .  

    * Getting a 3D vision of what's inside of me , inoffensive style. Giving shape(s) to complex feelings , values , voices , situations I lived through but am not through with . 

    * Finding one's own solutions by playing different roles . Gaining in clarity and well-being 

    * 'Teach-a-Body' - carrying basic info about body and gender (>education). 

    * Therapeutic work with puppets is generally seen as „art“ therapy . This means it is a tool for specific therapeutic concepts , like psychodrama or Gestalt . These concepts have their own picture of the human being , their own theory of personality and „norm“ality .  


    Links :
    Creative Arts Therapy, cyberjournal
    Playful Puppets for health professionals  (.commercial)
    Nursing & Puppets
    Children's Resource Centre (.commercial)
    Mental Health & Puppets

    Associations :
    * France : Association Marionnettes et Thérapie, Mme. Madeleine Lyons ,28, rue Godefroy Cavaignac , 75011 - Paris
    they have a trimestrial bulletin , with international authors , in french ; they also provide training , workshops , conferences, specialized publications and they organize international meetings !
    * Germany : German Association for Therapeutic Puppetry , "Deutsche Gesellschaft f. therapeutisches Puppenspiel", Leiergasse 17, 
    D - 75031 - Eppingen 
    * Slovenia : Slovenian Association for Promoting Puppetry in Education and Therapy (adress yet to be forwarded )

    Oncoming Events / Meetings 
    *New Publication : Puppets and the ages of human life , " la marionnette et les ages de la vie ", reports on VIII international colloquium 'Puppets & Therapy' held in september '97 in Charleville , France .
    180FF , 145 pages , can be ordered at 
    Marionnettes et Thérapie , 28, rue Godefroy Cavaignac , F - 75011 - Paris
Bibliography :
* About Scientists Using Puppets for Health Purposes * Man and Puppet   * History of Therapy with Puppets    * german bibliography  * and other basic info , in: 'DasAndereTheater' , german puppeteers news bulletin 8/92 p.7-8-9 ; adress : Greifswalder Str. 81-84, 10405- Berlin , Germany 
(the chapter sketching 'what therapy with puppets is about' , is mainly based upon information  from the above articles , without being exact quotations ) 
New publication : 'DaT' 30/1998 , report on workshop in child and youth psychotherapeutic clinic in  Bochum , Germany ,"das lebendige Bilderbuch"

* French bibliography on „Marionnettes & Thérapie“ in : „Bibliographie internationale de la marionnette“. Ouvrages en  >en français , FRENCH VERSION 1945-1996 par Geneviève Leleu-Rouvray, Gladys Langevin et Bernard Grelle , 775 pages, 14x21 cm, ISBN 2-9505282-4-4 ; 150FF - comporte 2076 notices : ouvrages, thèses, catalogues d’exposition, numéros spéciaux, suppléments ou tirés à part de périodiques, programmes ou comptes-rendus de congrès ou de festivals et 426 dossiers documentaires.

„Bibliographie internationale de la marionnette. Works in English 1945-1990 „ . I I M , Ed. SAUR G. Leleu Rouvray, Gl. Langevin - Marionnettes et Thérapie. ISBN 3-598-22651-9, 1993, XXXII, 281 pages, 17,5x24,5, 17 ill. N/B, 520 FF . A listing of 1056 works dedicated to puppets , on many and various subjects . Precise comments in French and English , indications as to where you find the books . Bilingual index (author, titles, subjects) facilitates access. A reference handbook for puppeteers , theatre and cinema professionnals and historians , librarians, documentalists, ethnologues, therapists,...
Other Figurative Little Helpers 
( DON'T look , naughty you ! ;-)
on Online Psy & Roleplay
on  Voice Dialogue  
- Our Numerous Selves...
on Psychodrama
and on psychodrama related  Playback Theatre
 Some Therapists , Scientists  and Authors 

who acknowledgedly have used or written about using puppets in therapeutic or educational work : 

* Virginia Axline * Bender & Woltmann * Jean-Paul Gonseth * Violett Oaklander * Hilarion Petzold * Madeleine Rambert  
* Donald  Winnicott * Hans Zulliger  
 and others